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Here at TAMPALconsulting we are committed to creating value to clients by delivering innovative advice and support in the areas of Project Management, Strategy, Operations, Airworthiness Management, and Business Assurance.

Change Management for Project Managers Masterclass

Change Management Brochure

Click on the image to view and download the pdf document for the Change Management for Project Managers Masterclass.

NB: Adobe Acrobat reader is required
(filesize is 120 kb).

Masterclass Learnings & Outcomes

  • Introduction to change management and how it supports contemporary project management frameworks
  • Identifying common project management challenges around change
  • Learn and practise change management techniques
  • Gain insights from experts' and peers' decades of industry experience
  • Take away a comprehensive toolkit on how to handle change challenges
  • Walk away with a project-specific action plan

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